This has been an odd but very rewarding trip. Wougglers started out as an idea and game design I developed in school, became mine and a few friends first of many game prototypes for iOS. When we decided to start a business together, we ended up picking the strange name ‘Wougglers’ that had became dear to our hearts. We also included the lively characters from the game that would become a large part of the brand.

Wougglers Logo

Final full color version of Wougglers AB logo.

Webdesign and graphics


The creatures called wougglers are the soul of the company’s graphic profile and where habitant on the majority of Wougglers’s material, not least the website.

Personal Wougglers

Illustrations for the different sections on the Wougglers website.


Back in the days when I was working on the game design and later on when the team gathered to work on the first prototype.

Wougglers Concept

Collection of concept images and sketchy graphics made for the game design and prototype.

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