Number Bonds

Download on the App StoreIt’s time to set your child on the path to becoming smarter than you! Number Bonds by Thinkout helps your child understand numbers and enhances learning.

Years of research on people with difficulties understanding number is brought into this app for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Not only research, also intriguing graphics and a game play that keeps your child wanting to come back to the app – and unknowingly learn numbers. Better yet: no reading abilities required, so your child won’t need your assistance when using the app. In Number Bonds by Thinkout, your child will help a cute space traveler communicate with other adorable creatures, learning numbers to take the traveler to the next place. Number Bonds by Thinkout is a new take on the learning process; a challenge to the conventional ideas on teaching; an app designed for the possibilities of digital tools combined with a deep curiosity and passion for learning; the first edutainment app from publisher Thinkout, founded by Rolf Skoglund, formerly Microsoft VP.

App Store screenshots from the iPad version.

What your child will learn:
-By filling gaps with rods, the child applies intuitive understanding of the concrete such as size and color to better understand the abstract idea of number.
-By increasing the difficulty of placing the rods, your child will grasp the concept of numbers (0-10) and simple addition.
-One of the most difficult yet important processes in learning – for children as well as adults – is the abstraction process – which Number Bonds by Thinkout enhances in your child. Useful for the rest of their life!
(Suitable for children aged 3-7 or anyone with difficulties understanding numbers)

Turning disadvantages to your advantage:
-Number Bonds by Thinkout is the result of years of research on how to help children with math difficulties (dyscalculia), directed by Professor Diana Laurillard from the University of London. It’s a combination of pedagogy, technology and neuroscience.
-Children are experts on play and fun, but not keen on sitting still and listening. Number Bonds by Thinkout is using children’s passion for play to invoke curiosity – working with children’s nature instead of against it, but never losing the aim to enhance learning.
-Carefully modeled to enthuse the child, there are easily understandable tasks and attractive graphics.
-During learning moments, all disruptive elements such as animation and sounds are removed, without the child losing interest in the game. That way, the learning curve is optimized.
-The game gives feedback on the learner’s action either to help them improve it, or as a reward, never to punish.
-Avoids child losing interest when things go too fast or too slow through advanced adaptive technology, to adapt the speed of the game to best suit your child’s ability.
-25% of earnings goes back to research.

A parent’s dream:
-Follow your child’s progress. The five levels in the game, each with increased difficulty, mark a new step towards understanding numbers.
-Easy to track progress, as performance on each level is graded with stars.
-The game comes without tutorial: so possible for a child to start learning right away.

Screenshots from the iPad version showing various parts of the game.

”Thinkout uses a learning model we know works: catch the learner where she or he is curious and thoroughly engaged in the learning moment and provide positive reinforcement from feedback loops.”

// Dr. Keith Devlin, Co-founder H-Star Institute at Stanford University and The Math Guy NPR US.

”The possibility of moving the focus from teaching to learning, from bored kids to engaged students and from repetition to understanding lies ahead of us.

Thinkout is my interpretation of this possibility.”

// Rolf Skoglund, Founder Thinkout and former Microsoft VP.

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